Young Me, Now Me: Identical Photos, Different Decades

Young Me, Now Me: Identical Photos, Different Decades

Ze Frank

FAVORITE formative years images RECREATED WITH AMAZINGLY actual AND hugely fun effects!

Open to any web page in Young Me, Now Me and you’ll see a adored formative years image along an excellent replica taken many years later. not anything is ignored in those remarkable photograph pairs—family participants were rounded up within the comparable spot within the outdated yard, detailed outfits were sewn to compare kiddie clothes, poses and facial expressions are completely replicated, and, if wanted, spaghetti sauce is smeared from cheek to cheek to mimic the explosive lunchtime of a cheerful child. whereas those efforts at accuracy are amazing and infrequently hilarious, the superb factor is what humans didn’t do—change. regardless of what number years handed among the previous and new pictures, you could see that very same curve of the smile, perspective of the face and glance within the eyes. this is the thread connecting years in the past to now.
Also incorporated are fascinating anecdotes that inform the outstanding, interesting and heartwarming again tales of the people who re-created those unusual and beautiful pictures.

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