Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Are language and awareness co-evolving? Can psychedelic event forged gentle in this subject? within the Western global, we stand on the sunrise of the psychedelic age with advances in neuroscience; a proliferation of latest psychoactive ingredients, either felony and unlawful; the anthropology of ayahuasca use; and new discoveries in ethnobotany. From medical papers to the person journey experiences at the Vaults of Erowid and the existence paintings of Terence McKenna, Alexander and Ann Shulgin, and Stanislav Grof, we're converging on new wisdom of the brain and the way to shift its functioning for healing, non secular, problem-solving, inventive and/or leisure reasons. In our tradition, pychonautics, the practices of people and small teams utilizing concepts resembling meditation, shamanic ritual, ecstatic dance and components corresponding to LSD and psilocybin for private exploration, is a box of motion and idea in its infancy. using psychonautic perform as a website of study and a style of data creation is crucial to this paintings, the 1st in-depth booklet concentrating on psychedelics, cognizance, and language.

Xenolinguistics records the author's eleven-year event of psychonautic exploration and scholarly examine; her unique rationale was once to appreciate a symbolic language procedure, waft, she got in an altered kingdom of awareness. What all started as a deeply own seek, ended in the invention of others, dubbed xenolinguists, with their very own certain linguistic items and ideas approximately language from the psychedelic sphere. the quest extended, sifting via fields of information resembling anthropology and neurophenomenology to construct maps and types to contextualize those reports. The ebook provides a set of those linguistic artifacts, from glossolalia to alien scripts, washed ashore like messages in bottles, indications from Psyche and the alien Others who populate her hyperdimensional landscapes.

With a whole bankruptcy devoted to Terence and Dennis McKenna and sections devoted to a number of different xenolinguists, this publication will attract these drawn to language/linguistics and some great benefits of psychedelic self-exploration, and to readers of technological know-how fiction.

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