Wordsworth's Poetry 1787-1814: Geography, Mobility, and Style

Wordsworth's Poetry 1787-1814: Geography, Mobility, and Style

Geoffrey Hartman

*First released in 1964*

The drama of attention and maturation within the development of a poet's brain is traced from Wordsworth's earliest poems to The day trip of 1814. Mr. Hartman follows Wordsworth's progress into self-consciousness, his awareness of the autonomy of the spirit, and his turning again to nature. The apocalyptic bias is introduced out, maybe for the 1st time in view that Bradley's Oxford Lectures, and with out slighting in anyway his greatness as a nature poet. fairly, a dialectical relation is verified among his visionary mood and the sluggish and vacillating progress of the humanized or sympathetic mind's eye. Mr. Hartman provides a phenomenology of the brain with vital bearings at the Romantic circulation as a complete and as affirmation of Wordsworth's the most important place within the historical past of English poetry. Mr. Hartman is professor of English and comparative literature on the college of Iowa.

"A such a lot amazing publication, refined, penetrating, profound."—Rene Wellek. "If it's the goal of feedback to light up, to guage, and to ship the reader again to the textual content for a clean analyzing, Hartman has succeeded in developing the grounds for this sort of renewal of appreciation of Wordsworth."—Donald Weeks, magazine of Aesthetics and paintings feedback.

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