Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

Jane Lindskold

A story of humane wolves, beastly males, and a super heroine who needs to locate her manner in a deadly world

Raised via clever, language-using wolves, introduced again to the human society on the court docket of Hawk Haven, younger Firekeeper needed to learn how to deal with human society and its complexities . . . and stumbled on that, for somebody raised in a wolf pack, the politics of a royal courtroom have been neither complicated nor thoroughly unfamiliar.

But the satisfied finishing of Through Wolf’s Eyes has proved to have results. Hawk Haven and shiny Bay are unifying, however the energy stability of the neighboring lands is threatened via this prospect. New intrigues abound. The rulers of vibrant Bay, it transpires, were hoarding a suite of forbidden magical artifacts . . . which Queen Gustin took together with her whilst she abdicated, aspiring to use them to revive her strength. Melina guard remains to be scheming to procure them, and she's older, smarter, and extra devious than the Queen. And the even-more-devious civil carrier of neighboring New Kelvin wish to get their palms on that magic to boot . . . .

Which will make existence very demanding for Firekeeper. as the powers of the area have determined who’ll be required to procure these much-contended-for magical articles. It’ll be her.

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