With Child

With Child

Laurie R. King

Adrift in mist-shrouded San Francisco mornings and alcohol-fogged nights, murder detective Kate Martinelli cannot get away the void left through her departed lover, who has long past off to reconsider their relationship.  But while twelve-year-old Jules Cameron involves Kate for a qualified session, Kate's uncertain she's that determined for distraction.

Jules is anxious approximately her pal Dio, a homeless boy she met in a park.  Dio has disappeared with no be aware of farewell, and Jules desires Kate to discover him Reluctant as she is, Kate cannot say no--and quickly she reveals herself forming a  friendship with the brilliant, quirky girl.  But the hunt for Dio will turn out to be even more than either bargained for--and it is only the beginning.  

When Jules disappears whereas taking a visit with Kate, a determined seek begins...and Kate is aware all too good the percentages of discovering the kid alive...

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