Wit'ch War (The Banned and the Banished #3)

Wit'ch War (The Banned and the Banished #3)

James Clemens

In her palms, the younger wit'ch Elena holds the amazing energies of blood magick--and extra. For the destiny of all Alasea hinges on her restoration of the Blood Diary, a powerful talisman cast years in the past, then locked away in the back of wards too powerful for any mage to wreck. yet in basic terms with the secrets and techniques recorded in its pages can Elena defeat the evil magicks of the darkish Lord. The problem? The Diary lies hidden in A'loa Glen, the fabled urban that belongs to Shorkan, leader lieutenant of the darkish Lord, and his fearsome army.

Now, simply by the ocean-dwelling Sy-wen and her nice dragon, Elena prepares a determined invasion of A'loa Glen. At her aspect stands the one-armed warrior Er'ril, her devoted protector and the single guy who understands easy methods to release the wards surrounding the Blood Diary--a guy who additionally occurs to be the brother of the feared Shorkan.

Meanwhile, Elena's brother, whose magick brings him prophetic desires, has glimpsed a destiny within which Elena falls via the lethal sword of . . . Er'ril. yet his visions don't constantly come actual. How can he act opposed to his sister's relied on mum or dad at the foundation of a destiny betrayal that could by no means occur? For Elena's sake, and for the sake of all Alasea, how can he have enough money to not?

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