Wish Her Safe At Home

Wish Her Safe At Home

Stephen Benatar

Rachel Waring is deliriously satisfied. Out of nowhere, a great-aunt leaves her a Georgian mansion in one other city—and she sheds her previous existence right away. long gone is her uninteresting administrative activity, her mousy cloth wardrobe, her downer of a roommate. she's going to reside as a lady of relaxation, dedicated to good looks, creativity, expression, and love. as soon as put in in her new quarters, Rachel crops a backyard, takes up writing, and impresses every person she meets along with her awesome optimism. yet as Rachel sings and jokes the times away, her new associates start to ponder whether she could be taking her transformation just a little too far.

In Wish Her secure at Home, Stephen Benatar unearths humor and horror within the moving area among elation and mania. His heroine may be the next-door neighbor of the Beales of Grey Gardens or a sister to Jane Gardam’s oddball protagonists, yet she has an ebullient appeal all her personal.

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