White Horses

White Horses

Joan Wolf

"**January 1813—the British military is getting ready to go the Pyrenees and boost opposed to Napoleon's military. just one factor stands within the way—funds. it is going to take humans masquerading as enthusiasts to hold out a deadly plan…**

Despite inheriting the touring *Cirque Equestre*—France's proudest equestrian tradition—Gabrielle Rochon has no loyalty to the emperor who destroyed her family's lifestyle. self sufficient and headstrong, she pledges to assist the British military, realizing her past due father might have performed an identical. yet her project to smuggle gold throughout France in the *cirque* to the Duke of Wellington's headquarters in Spain is one the British won't enable her do by myself.

Colonel Leo Branford—an smug, amazing foreigner—is ordered to play the a part of her husband in order that he may possibly escort the gold with no arousing enemy suspicions.

While Gabrielle is frustrated that she needs to publicly bow to his each whim, the chance of the project binds them in a disturbingly intimate approach. With French troops precariously on the subject of uncovering their charade, it really is important that neither of them fail to remember their purpose…or themselves.


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