Whatever (Serpent's Tail Classics)

Whatever (Serpent's Tail Classics)

Michel Houellebecq

"Houellebecq captures exactly the cynical disillusionment of disaffected youth."—Booklist

"This boy wishes critical remedy. He could be past help."—The Washington Post

Just thirty, with a well-paid task, melancholy and no love lifestyles, the narrator and anti-hero par excellence of this grim, humorous, and smart novel smokes 4 packs of cigarettes an afternoon and writes bizarre animal tales in his spare time.

A painfully life like portrayal of the vanishing freedom of a global ruled by way of technology and by means of the empty rituals of day-by-day life.

Michel Houellebecq is a multi-award-winning French writer. He at the moment lives in Spain.

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