What Nature Does For Britain

What Nature Does For Britain

Tony Juniper

From the peat bathrooms and woodlands that support to safe our water provide, to the bees and soils that produce many of the nutrients we devour, Britain is wealthy in 'natural capital'. but we take offers of unpolluted water and safe nutrition without any consideration, infrequently contemplating the loose paintings nature does for Britain. in truth for years now we have broken the structures that maintain us less than the semblance that we're preserving costs down, via extensive farming, drainage of loos, clearing forests and turning rivers into canals. As Tony Juniper's new research exhibits, besides the fact that, the ways that we meet our wishes frequently doesn't make fiscal sense.

Through bright first hand bills and inspirational examples of the way the wear and tear is being repaired, Juniper takes readers on a trip to another Britain from the only many suppose we inhabit, now not a rustic the place nature is valueless or an obstacle to growth, however the actual Britain, the only the place we're supported via nature, natural world and traditional platforms at virtually each flip.

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