What Is Addiction?

What Is Addiction?

identical to the addict in pop culture combines victimhood and ethical failure; we sympathize with addicts in movies and novels due to their ache and their hard-won wisdom. And but real clinical wisdom approximately dependancy has a tendency to undermine this cultural build. In what's Addiction?, best dependancy researchers from neuroscience, psychology, genetics, philosophy, economics, and different fields survey the newest findings in dependancy technological know-how. They speak about such questions as even if dependancy is one form of situation, or a number of; if habit is neurophysiological, mental, or social, or comprises features of all of those; to what quantity addicts are chargeable for their difficulties, and the way this impacts health and wellbeing and regulatory regulations; and no matter if dependancy depends upon inheritance or setting or either. The bankruptcy authors talk about the opportunity of a unifying foundation for various addictions (considering either substance habit and pathological gambling), providing either neurally and neuroscientifically grounded bills in addition to discussions of the social context of habit. There may be no definitive resolution but to the query posed through the name of this e-book; yet those essays reveal a sweeping boost over the simplistic perception embedded in renowned culture.

Contributors: George Ainslie, Jennifer D. Bellegarde, Warren okay. Bickel, Jennifer Bramen, Karen O. Brandon, Arthur Brody, Peter Collins, Jack Darkes, Mark S. Goldman, Gene M. Heyman, Harold Kincaid, Edythe D. London, James MacKillop, Traci guy, Neil Manson, John E. McGeary, John R. Monterosso, Ben Murrell, Nancy M. Petry, Marc N. Potenza, Howard Rachlin, Lara A. Ray, A. David Redish, Richard R. Reich, Don Ross, Timothy Schroeder, David Spurrett, Jackie Sullivan, Golnaz Tabibni, Andrew Ward, Richard Yi

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Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: A Bradford ebook (February five, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0262513110
ISBN-13: 978-0262513111
Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.8 x nine inches

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