What a Rogue Desires (Reece Family, Book 2)

What a Rogue Desires (Reece Family, Book 2)

Caroline Linden

"A gentleman and a really flawed girl are sure jointly through a keenness that crosses the road among higher type and underworld in Caroline Linden's bold new romance.


After a wayward early life, David Reece, the youngest scion in a noble kin, has been known as the most scandalous rogues of the ton. What he desires to be referred to as is reliable and a real gentleman. To end up he has reformed he's agreed to observe over his absent brother's property and signet ring. All goes swimmingly until eventually highwaymen waylay his trainer and thieve that beneficial ring...

Street orphan Vivian Beecham has grown up a pickpocket, and a really lovely one certainly. Now she and her brother have reluctantly graduated to road theft. And good-looking David Reece has develop into their victim-until he tracks her down and makes her his prisoner. Locked in a spare bed room, Vivian vows to hate her captor. as a substitute she turns into a former rogue's maximum problem: the article of a passionate seduction. yet David and Vivian are enjoying a deadly video game within which forbidden love is a wild card.

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