Werewolf Haiku

Werewolf Haiku

Ryan Mecum

Dear haiku journal,
I imagine I killed a few people.
That used to be no puppy bite.

This magazine includes the poetic musings of a mailman who, after being bitten through what he thinks is a puppy, discovers that he's really now a werewolf. Wreaking havoc anywhere he is going, he information his new existence and ameliorations within the 5-7-5 syllable constitution of haiku--his poetry of choice.

Follow alongside as our werewolf poet slowly turns from a in general general guy into the bushy beast that he can't maintain trapped inside of. And beware of carnage while he alters and turns into hungry. No toenail, no entrail, no pigtail should be left at the back of. And discuss wreaking havoc: His newfound claws and enamel have despatched his garments funds throughout the roof!

He is in love with a girl on his course, yet he hasn't ever had the braveness to inform her. As he fights opposed to his urges in the course of each one complete moon, he discovers that succumbing to his primal instincts won't purely bag him a superb meal--it simply may help him in his quest for love...Or probably not.

Constant gag reflex
thanks to new strands of lengthy hair
growing in my mouth.

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