Web of Love (Dell Historical Romance)

Web of Love (Dell Historical Romance)

Mary Balogh

New York Times bestselling writer Mary Balogh brilliantly captures the passionate clash of a girl stuck among loves during this vintage story of friendship, devotion, intrigue—and a love that's the such a lot seductive catch of all….

He’d served together with her husband at the battlefield—and secretly wanted her for years. but for Dominic, Lieutenant Lord Eden, Ellen Simpson has remained tantalizingly out of reach—until she is widowed through the conflict. abruptly pursued through the dangerously good-looking nobleman, Ellen is shocked by means of the intensity of appeal he arouses in her. quickly their friendship flames into anything deeper…and as scandal ignites, marriage turns out the single resolution. yet Ellen has a secret—one she will percentage with out one—that prevents her from absolutely commencing her middle to Dominic. till he devises his personal plan for the final word consummation in their passion—and the lady he's made up our minds to own at any rate…

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