War In Heaven (Veteran, Book 2)

War In Heaven (Veteran, Book 2)

Gavin G. Smith

VETERAN was once a slam-bang dive right into a violent SF destiny. Now issues get critical.

The high-powered sequel to VETERAN sees an not going hero make a good extra not going go back to take the reader again right into a vividly rendered bleak destiny. yet a bleak destiny the place there are nonetheless wonders: guy traveling out into the universe, Bladerunneresque towns striking from the ceilings of sizeable caverns, extraterrestrial beings that we will slightly understand. Gavin Smith writes fast-moving, awfully violent SF thrillers yet at the back of the violence and the thrills lies a delicately inspiration out tale and characters who've way more to them than first meets the attention. by no means one to prevent controversy Gavin Smith however invitations you to imagine past the preliminary surprise of what you've gotten simply learn. yet meanwhile? one other fire-fight, one other chase one other flight of mind's eye.

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