Vision of Tarot (Tarot, Book 2)

Vision of Tarot (Tarot, Book 2)

Piers Anthony

The wanderer-monk Paul is trapped in a nightmare of dragons, demons, and astounding lusts because the shimmering Animation curtain storms around the worldscape, altering fable into hideous reality.

Author's Note:
This is the second one quantity of the three-part, quarter-million observe novel of Tarot. although this phase is unified round the spiritual and social topic, it's not a whole tale in itself, and it really is was hoping the reader should be adequate to learn the 1st and 3rd volumes. the 1st is God of Tarot, in regards to the nature of the problem; the 3rd is Faith of Tarot, about the nature of Hell. a few reprise of the 1st quantity will be worthy should you haven't obvious it:

Brother Paul is a amateur within the Holy Order of imaginative and prescient, a liberal spiritual sect devoted to the development of the kingdom of guy. His more suitable within the Order, the Reverend mom Mary, sends him on a venture to Planet Tarot to figure out even if the Deity manifesting there's or isn't really God. Brother Paul discovers various schismatic sects on this planet, usually at odds; but the pains of colony existence require everybody to cooperate heavily or perish. they have to determine the genuine God. Brother Paul turns into the visitor of the Reverend Siltz of the second one Church Communist, whose son has taken up with a Scientologist: an area scandal. Brother Paul encounters Amaranth, a very beautiful and ahead worshiper of Abraxas, the snake-footed god. Brother Paul experiments with the infamous Animation influence, controlling it through tarot playing cards, yet will get trapped in full-scale visions in relation to his personal base nature and previous reports that resulted in his conversion to the spiritual existence. He realizes that his personal soul should be likened to compost: the uncooked stuff of transition from demise to renewal.

The current quantity commences with Brother Paul's emergence from that play-like imaginative and prescient.

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