Very Good, Jeeves!

Very Good, Jeeves!

P. G. Wodehouse

“To dive right into a Wodehouse novel is to swim in the most elegantly became words within the English language.”―Ben Schott

persist with the adventures of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman, Jeeves, during this wonderful re-creation of 1 of the best comedian brief tale collections within the English language. Whoever or regardless of the reason behind Bertie Wooster's consternation―Bobbie Wickham freely giving his fierce Aunt Agatha's puppy; stepping into the undesirable books of Sir Roderick Glossop; trying to scupper the unlucky infatuation of his good friend Tuppy for a strong opera singer―Jeeves can constantly be depended on tyo untangle the main ferocious of muddles. Even Bertie's.

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