Vasi??ha's Yoga

Vasi??ha's Yoga


Containing the directions of the sage Vasistha to Lord Rama, this scripture is stuffed with intricately woven stories, the sort an outstanding instructor may well inform to carry the curiosity of a student.

Yoga Vasistha (Sanskrit: योग-वासिष्ठ) (also referred to as Vasistha's Yoga) is a Hindu non secular textual content characteristically attributed to Valmiki. It recounts a discourse of the sage Vasistha to a tender Prince Rama, in the course of a interval while the latter is in a dejected kingdom. The contents of Vasistha's instructing to Rama is linked to Advaita Vedanta, the illusory nature of the show up international and the primary of non-duality. The booklet has been dated among the eleventh and 14th century advert) and is usually considered as one of many longest texts in Sanskrit (after the Mahabharata) and a massive textual content of Yoga. The publication involves approximately 32,000 shlokas (lines), together with a variety of brief tales and anecdotes used to aid illustrate its content material. by way of Hindu mythology, the dialog within the Yoga Vasishta occurs chronologically sooner than the Ramayana.

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