Utopian Thought in the Western World

Utopian Thought in the Western World

This masterly research has a grand sweep. It levels over centuries, with a protracted glance backward over a number of millennia. but the heritage it unfolds is essentially the tale of people: thinkers and dreamers who envisaged a terrific social order and defined it persuasively, leaving a mark all alone and later occasions.

The roster of utopians comprises males of all stripes in numerous nations and eras--figures as disparate as extra and Fourier, the Marquis de Sade and Edward Bellamy, Rousseau and Marx. attention-grabbing personality reports of the key figures are one of the delights of the publication.

Utopian writings run the gamut from fictional narratives to theoretical treatises, from political manifestos to constitutions for a brand new society. The Manuels have based 5 centuries of utopian invention by way of settling on successive constellations, teams of thinkers joined via universal social and ethical issues. inside this framework they examine person writings, within the context of the author's existence and of the socio-economic, non secular, and political exigencies of his time. focusing on leading edge works, they spotlight disjunctures in addition to continuities in utopian inspiration from the Renaissance during the 20th century.

Witty and erudite, demanding in its interpretations and provocative within the questions it poses, the Manuels' anatomy of utopia is an event in rules.

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