Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius

Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius

Erik Wahl

In the culture of A complete New brain and The battle of Art, graffiti artist and company suggestion chief, Erik Wahl explores the ability of creativity to accomplish greater performance.

Somehow we’ve come to think that creativity is reserved for the selected few: the poets, the painters, the writers. if truth be told creativity is in we all and re-discovering it's the key to unlocking your fullest potential. Unthink is a ebook that pushes us past our conventional suggestion patterns. 

Unthink is a publication that may encourage all people to gain that we're able to a lot more than we've pre-conditioned for. Creativity isn't in a single targeted place--and it's not in a single particular person. Creativity is in every single place and in all people who has the braveness to unharness their artistic genius.

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