Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction (MIT Press)

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction (MIT Press)

Nick Montfort

Interactive fiction -- the best-known type of that's the textual content online game or textual content experience -- has now not obtained as a lot serious awareness as have such other kinds of digital literature as hypertext fiction and the conversational courses often called chatterbots. Twisty Little Passages (the name refers to a maze in Adventure, the 1st interactive fiction) is the 1st book-length attention of this way, studying it from gaming and literary views. Nick Montfort, an interactive fiction writer himself, deals either aficionados and first-time clients how to process interactive fiction that may bring about a extra pleasing and significant adventure of it.

Twisty Little Passages appears at interactive fiction starting with its most crucial literary ancestor, the riddle. Montfort then discusses Adventure and its precursors (including the I Ching and Dungeons and Dragons), and follows this with an exam of mainframe textual content video games built in reaction, targeting the main influential paintings of that period, Zork. He then considers the advent of business interactive fiction for domestic pcs, quite that produced through Infocom. advertisement works encouraged an self reliant response, and Montfort describes the emergence of self sustaining creators and the advance of a web interactive fiction group within the Nineties. ultimately, he considers the effect of interactive fiction on different literary and gaming kinds. With Twisty Little Passages, Nick Montfort areas interactive fiction in its computational and literary contexts, starting up this still-developing shape to new consideration.

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