Tunguska: a new look at an old mystery

Tunguska: a new look at an old mystery

Surendra Verma

At 7.14 a.m. on June 30, 1908 a major fireball exploded within the Siberian sky. one thousand occasions the strength of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, it flattened a space of distant Tunguska wooded area higher than metropolitan long island, forming a mushroom cloud that just about reached into space.

What used to be it? A wayward black gap, a crashing comet, an rogue asteroid, an unique rock of antimatter or reflect subject, a methane fuel blast from lower than, an alien spacecraft, a laser beam fired by means of extraterrestrials, or an early test in nuclear physics which bought out of hand?

A century on, this grand dame of technology mysteries nonetheless fascinates scientists and charlatans alike.

In this 21,000-word informative and wonderful account Surendra Verma, the writer of ‘The secret of the Tunguska Fireball’ (2005), tells the wonderful tale of this well-known fireball. He additionally reexamines the most important theories – medical and fanciful – and evaluates the recent facts that says that the secret has finally been “solved.” Or, is it?

Surendra Verma is a journalist and writer dependent in Melbourne, Australia considering that 1970. He has released a variety of well known technology books the world over, that have been translated into ten languages

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