Tree of Rivers: The Story of the Amazon

Tree of Rivers: The Story of the Amazon

John Hemming

A heritage of the Amazon, its peoples, and people who have explored the river via an writer with unsurpassed wisdom and adventure within the region

By a long way the world's greatest river, the Amazon flows in the course of the maximum expanse of tropical rain wooded area on the earth. humans settled in Amazonia 10000 years in the past and discovered to stay good on its bounty. Europeans first observed the Amazon round 1500 and began settling there within the 17th century. regularly in worry or awe of the jungle, they attempted in useless to introduce vegetation and livestock.

John Hemming's account of the river and its heritage is filled with larger-than-life personalities this specific setting attracted: explorers, missionaries, and naturalists between them. by means of the 19th century, Amazonian natives had virtually been destroyed by way of alien illnesses and slavery, in addition to violent category uprising. even supposing the rubber created large fortunes, it too used to be at a worried rate in human misery.

In the final hundred years, the Amazon has noticeable intrepid explorers, entreprenurial millionaires, and political extremists taking shelter in jungle retreats. along them, usual scientists, anthropologists, and archaeologists have sought to find the secrets and techniques of this strong habitat.

Today, the world's urge for food for trees, red meat, and soya is destroying this nice tropical woodland. Hemming explains why the Amazon is environmentally the most important to survival and brilliantly describes the passionate struggles to use and defend it.

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