Touching the City: Thoughts on Urban Scale - AD Primer (Architectural Design Primer)

Touching the City: Thoughts on Urban Scale - AD Primer (Architectural Design Primer)

Timothy Makower

Synopsis from Amazon:

Scale in towns is relative and absolute. It has the facility to make us suppose at domestic on this planet or alien from it; hooked up or disconnected. either huge and small scale in towns will be appealing; either are correct, nor is mistaken. when accepting that prescription is not any resolution, 'getting the dimensions right' – at an intuitive and sensual point – is a basic a part of the magic of structure and concrete layout. Touching the town explores how scale is manifested in towns, exploring scale in structures, within the area among them and of their info. It asks how scale makes a difference.
Travelling from Detroit to Chandigarh, through long island, London, Paris, Rome and Doha, Tim Makower explores towns with the analytical eye of a dressmaker and with the experiential eye of the city dweller. taking a look at historical towns, he asks what's sturdy approximately them: what will we research from the previous to notify the recent? The booklet zooms in from the macro scale of browsing Google Earth to micro moments similar to discovering fossils in a weathered wall. It examines the dynamics and flow styles of towns, the making of streets and skylines, the formation of thresholds and facades, and it additionally touches at the strategy of layout and the significance of drawing. because the book's identify, Touching the City, indicates, it additionally emphasises the tactile – that town is certainly anything actual, anything we will contact and be touched by means of, alive and ever changing.

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