Too Wicked to Tame

Too Wicked to Tame

Sophie Jordan

Would a Reluctant good looks Ever Wed . . .

Headstrong woman Portia Derring has an impeccable pedigree . . . and never a penny to her identify. that is why she is on my own at the rain-swept Yorkshire moor, looking ahead to a prosperous earl she hasn't ever met yet whom her family members insists she wed. while she's approximately trampled through the blackguard's stallion, Portia is extra decided than ever to refuse Heath Moreton's swimsuit. good-looking satan he could be, yet she may well by no means marry a rogue who is so in actual fact out of control!

A Wild, Incorrigible Beast?

An avowed bachelor, scion of the infamous "Mad" Moreton extended family, Heath will not be shackled in matrimony. Why then does this rain-drenched attractiveness excite him so? hope consumes him, however the eminently beddable girl resists his well-practiced seductions. Now just one direction continues to be: Heath needs to forget about his undesirable blood, vanquish his internal beast . . . and turn out to Portia that she's the one girl in a position to taming his heart.

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