Too Nice for Your Own Good: How to Stop Making 9 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes

Too Nice for Your Own Good: How to Stop Making 9 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes

Duke Robinson

You have been reared to be socially applicable. you think that of your self as a reasonably great person.  but you discover that so a number of the great stuff you do go away you feeling burned out, bottled up, and bumbling.

Robinson nails 9 such blunders we great humans make each day.  Look on the book's Contents web page that lists them, and see if it does not consider like you are looking in a mirror!

This e-book will make it easier to right those error and behave in ways in which might help you stay away from stress, frustration and embarrassment. You rather quick will find out how to:

-- allow pass of your must be ideal and to delight everybody all of the time.
-- Say "no" to requests on your power and time, and believe terrific doing so.
-- inform others without delay what you will have from them, and really obtain it.
-- show anger with out blowing up and wasting your valued relationships
-- Disarm those that wrongly or irrationally criticize or assault you.
-- Be either sincere with, and gracious towards, those that fail or disappoint you.
-- stop giving recommendation to others and think solid easily giving them information.
-- Be certainly priceless to addicted household, instead of try and rescue them.
-- cease trying to guard these in grief and start helping them.

This striking booklet will empower you to make those alterations and unlock you for a richer extra stress-free life ... and also you nonetheless could be a pleasant person!

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