Tom Fool

Tom Fool

David Stacton

'Yes, it was once a campaign. yet simply what was once it the folks in the market feared and hated quite a bit? now not absolutely the candidate. He used to be an honest guy. Or used to be that it?'

With Tom Fool (1962) David Stacton concluded a triptych of novels drawn from the heritage of the United States. For this ultimate panel he became his eye on politics. The titular protagonist is a fictional rendering of Wendell Wilkie, not likely Republican challenger to Franklin D. Roosevelt within the presidential election of 1940. As 'Tom idiot' endures an epic campaigning travel of thirty-one states - assisted (or dogged) via his political consultant 'Sideboard' and husband-and-wife PR specialists the Pattersons - he reveals himself uncomfortably reminded that the USA, in its vastness and contradictions, is a couple of kingdom, and a distinct conundrum to person who will be President.

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