To Davy Jones Below (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, Book 9)

To Davy Jones Below (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, Book 9)

Carola Dunn

In overdue 1923 the newly married Daisy Dalrymple and Detective leader Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland backyard take an ocean voyage to the United States for his or her honeymoon. followed through Daisy's early life buddy Phillip Petrie, his spouse, Gloria, and Gloria's father, American millionaire industrialist Caleb P. Arbuckle, Daisy and Alec are awaiting a delightful, uneventful journey. yet on the final minute they're joined through Arbuckle's new pal, Yorkshire millionaire Jethro Gotobed, and his new spouse, Wanda, a showgirl whom all yet Gotobed are confident is a gold digger of the worst sort.

Then, having slightly lifted anchor, the sea liner is beset through a chain of suspicious injuries and deaths. With harsh climate and tough seas placing many-including Alec-out of fee as a result of seasickness, it quickly falls to Daisy to determine what connection there could be among the likely unrelated incidents. confident that there's a assassin aboard send, Daisy needs to unmask the offender or culprits prior to an individual else-especially herself-falls sufferer.

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