Time and Narrative, Volume 1 (Time & Narrative)

Time and Narrative, Volume 1 (Time & Narrative)

Paul Ricoeur

Time and Narrative builds on Paul Ricoeur's previous research, in The Rule of Metaphor, of semantic innovation on the point of the sentence. Ricoeur the following examines the construction of that means on the textual point, with narrative instead of metaphor because the ruling concern.

Ricoeur reveals a "healthy circle" among time and narrative: time is humanized to the level that it portrays temporal adventure. Ricoeur proposes a theoretical version of this circle utilizing Augustine's concept of time and Aristotle's idea of plot and, extra, develops an unique thesis of the mimetic functionality of narrative. He concludes with a finished survey and critique of contemporary discussions of old wisdom, realizing, and writing from Aron and Mandelbaum within the past due Thirties to the paintings of the Annales tuition and that of Anglophone philosophers of historical past of the Sixties and 1970s.

"This paintings, for my part, places the complete challenge of narrative, let alone philosophy of heritage, on a brand new and better aircraft of discussion."—Hayden White, History and conception

"Superb. . . . an excellent element of front into the paintings of 1 of the eminent thinkers of the current highbrow age."—Joseph R. Gusfield, Contemporary Sociology

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