Tiger (Animal)

Tiger (Animal)

opposite to well known trust it's the tiger, now not the lion, who's the genuine king of the jungle: a male Siberian tiger can develop to nearly 3 and a part metres in size and weigh greater than three hundred kilograms. modern, strong and mysterious, the tiger is respected as a effective image of sexuality, ferocity and magic in lots of cultures worldwide, but the tiger’s energy and sweetness has additionally been its downfall: approximately all the things of the tiger has a price to poachers. stay tigers are offered as unique pets; dermis is made into magical amulets and novelties, as are the teeth and claws; tiger penis is an component of allegedly robust sexual tonics and conventional Asian medication makes use of tiger bone in a few diverse formulae. Poaching now threatens the long term survival of the species: there are just an anticipated 30 to eighty South China tigers, one hundred fifty to 2 hundred Siberian tigers and six hundred to 650 Sumatran tigers left within the wild, and there's as few as 5,000 nonetheless alive worldwide.

In Tiger Susie eco-friendly uncovers the ordinary heritage of the tiger, displaying how the decline of its normal habitat and incessant strain from poachers and farmers have became a clearly retiring, solitary creature into an competitive, man-eating predator. She additionally explores its cultural historical past, describing tigers in lots of cultures from the White Tiger in chinese language Toaist mythology and the chinese language Zodiac, to Lord Siva in Indian Hindu mythology who's commonly pictured donning a tiger dermis. within the West, Bacchus, or Dionysos, god of wine and mystical ecstasy, used to be pictured using a tiger, and tigers were utilized by artists corresponding to Salvador Dalí to symbolise sexuality and desire.

Written in a full of life, approachable sort, and that includes many illustrations of tigers in fantasy and truth from all over the world, Tiger will attract the broad viewers who admires this splendidly important, but hugely endangered species.

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