Through Wolf's Eyes (Wolf, Book 1)

Through Wolf's Eyes (Wolf, Book 1)

Jane Lindskold

Firekeeper in simple terms vaguely recalls a time whilst she did not stay along with her "family," a pack of "royal wolves"-bigger, superior, and smarter than general wolves. Now her pack leaders are sending her again to stay one of the people, as they promised her mom years ago.

Some of the people imagine she could be the misplaced inheritor to their throne. this may be good-and it may be very, very harmful. within the months to come back, studying to act like a human will develop into extra advanced than she'd ever imagined.

But notwithstanding human methods may be stranger than something present in the woodland, the infighting within the human's pack is not anything Firekeeper hasn't obvious earlier than. That, she is familiar with simply effective. She's no longer your standard-issue princess-and this isn't your standard-issue fairy tale.

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