Three Nights of Sin

Three Nights of Sin

Anne Mallory

Three nights of possibility . . .

When her brother was once arrested for homicide, the ton close its doorways to Marietta Winters. not anyone might support her shop him from the gallows—no one yet Gabriel Noble. In trade for taking the case, Gabriel requests 3 favors from the determined younger good looks, and Marietta has no different selection yet to make a care for the sinfully good-looking satan.

Three nights of enjoyment . . .

Searching for clues within the tough underbelly of London, Marietta needs to masquerade as a shamelessly wanton wench—much to Gabriel's pride. yet Marietta swears to herself that her passionate moans are only for convey. She might by no means fall in love with the sort of maddening, boastful, seductive stranger . . . may possibly she?

Three nights of sin . . .

Night after evening, she satisfies his depraved cravings. yet quickly Gabriel wishes extra from Marietta than simply 3 nights of sin—and even a sordid mystery in his earlier will not hinder him from attempting to own her forever.

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