Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story

Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story

Leonie Swann

A witty philosophical homicide secret with an enthralling twist: the crack detectives are sheep decided to find who killed their liked shepherd.

On a hillside close to the comfortable Irish village of Glennkill, the individuals of the flock assemble round their shepherd, George, whose physique lies pinned to the floor with a spade. George has cared for the sheep, studying them a plethora of books each evening. The day-by-day publicity to literature has made them some distance savvier concerning the workings of the human brain than your ordinary sheep. Led through omit Maple, the neatest sheep in Glennkill (and in all probability the world), they got down to locate George’s killer.

The A-team of investigators comprises Othello, the “bad-boy” black ram; Mopple the Whale, a merino who eats much and recalls every thing; and Zora, a pensive black-faced ewe with a weak spot for abysses. Joined by means of different individuals of the richly gifted flock, they have interaction in nightlong discussions in regards to the crime and wild metaphysical speculations, they usually embark on reconnaissance missions into the village, the place they stumble upon a few most probably suspects. There’s Ham, the terrifying butcher; Rebecca, a village newcomer with a mystery and a scheme; Gabriel, the shady shepherd of a truly extraordinary flock; and Father Will, a sinister priest. alongside the way in which, the sheep confront their very own all-too-human struggles with guilt, misdeeds, and unrequited love.

Three baggage Full is already a world hit. “It’s quite as though Agatha Christie had re-written The Wind within the Willows, and that i ended by means of loving it, ”Jane Jakeman wrote in The Independent. humorous, clean, and endearing, it introduces an excellent breed of detectives to American readers.

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