Thorn Jack: A Night and Nothing Novel (Night and Nothing Novels)

Thorn Jack: A Night and Nothing Novel (Night and Nothing Novels)

Katherine Harbour

Combining the sorcery of The evening Circus with the malefic suspense of A mystery heritage, Thorn Jack is a excellent, smooth retelling of the traditional Scottish ballad, Tam Lin—a beguiling fusion of affection, fable, and fable that echoes the innovative artistry of the works of Neil Gaiman, Cassandra Clare, and Melissa Marr.

In the wake of her older sister’s suicide, Finn Sullivan and her father circulate to a old fashioned city in upstate ny. Populated with socialites, hippies, and dramatic artists, each nook of this new position holds shiny possibilities—and darkish enigmas, together with the devastatingly beautiful Jack Fata, scion of 1 of the town’s strongest families.

As she starts off to settle in, Finn discovers that underneath its lovely, placid floor, town and its denizens—especially the Fata family—wield an impossible to resist allure and unsafe energy, a tempting and terrifying mixture of excellent and evil, magic and secret, that holds harmful results for an blameless and curious lady like Finn.

To loose herself and retailer her loved Jack, Finn needs to confront the fearsome Fata kinfolk . . . a conflict that may result in surprising secrets and techniques approximately her sister’s death.

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