The Yoga of Truth: Jnana: The Ancient Path of Silent Knowledge

The Yoga of Truth: Jnana: The Ancient Path of Silent Knowledge

Peter Marchand

A consultant to Jnana Yoga--the method of Silent Knowledge--by direct contemplation of the Unchangeable

• exhibits that every little thing in one’s physique, character, concepts, stories, and reviews has shape and is changeable and, therefore, is neither crucial nor everlasting

• Identifies the witnessing cognizance within--all that continues to be whilst the ephemeral is eliminated--as the genuine Self, the only and in basic terms unchanging everlasting Being

In The Yoga of Truth, Peter Marchand, via a chain of deceptively uncomplicated introspective questions, leads the seeker into discarding everything--body, character, techniques, thoughts, experiences--that disguises the ego’s relentless masquerade because the Self. this kind of contemplation, with its consistent dedication to witnessing with no attachment, disempowers the ego’s fixation on its items, top as a substitute to the conclusion that the witnessing awareness is, in truth, the only immutable Being inside or without--the actual Self, the genuine You.

The common phantasm rests upon house and time, physique and components, the existence strength, brain, mind, ego, and Self. Jnana Yoga finds not just the insubstantial and illusory nature of our presumptions but in addition our routine dedication to the appearance of being a person that they bring about. This phantasm collapses like a home of playing cards ahead of direct inspection. while whatever has shape, whilst it could possibly switch, it can't be the everlasting with which we search union. Witnessing recognition stands on my own as that that is with out shape. In The Yoga of Truth, Marchand leads us easily, and compellingly, to the reality of our nature and the peaceable bliss of precise Being.

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