The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld

The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld

Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs

For greater than 20 years, Terry Pratchett has been regaling readers with stories of Discworld—a flat global balanced at the backs of 4 elephants, that are status at the again of a big turtle, flying via area. it's a global populated by way of ineffectual wizards and sharp-as-tacks witches, by means of drained policemen and devious dictators, by means of reformed thieves and vampires who've sworn to drink no blood. it's a international that's tremendously diversified from our personal . . . other than whilst it isn't.

Now, in The Wit and knowledge of Discworld, quite a few nuggets of Pratchett's witty statement and sagacious observations were compiled by means of Pratchett specialist Stephen Briggs, a guy who, they are saying, is aware much more approximately Discworld than Terry Pratchett.

Within those pages, you will find musings on:

  • Interior decorating: "It's a truth identified in the course of the universes that irrespective of how conscientiously the colours are selected, institutional decor finally ends up as both vomit eco-friendly, unmentionable brown, nicotine yellow, or surgical equipment purple. through a few little-understood technique of sympathetic resonance, corridors painted in these shades constantly scent a little of boiled cabbage—even if no cabbage is ever cooked within the vicinity." (Equal Rites)
  • Travel: "Any professional visitor quickly learns to prevent whatever wanted on them as a 'regional speciality,' simply because all of the time period potential is that the dish is so disagreeable the folks dwelling far and wide else will chunk off their very own legs instead of consume it. yet hosts nonetheless press it upon far away visitors besides: 'Go on, have the dog's head crammed with macerated cabbage and beef noses—it's a nearby speciality.'" (The final Continent)
  • Young men: "And then there has been the younger male stroll. at the very least girls swung simply their hips. younger males swung every thing, from the shoulders down. you need to attempt to occupy loads of house. It makes you glance greater, like a tomcat fluffing his tail. the lads attempted to stroll significant in self-defense opposed to all these different colossal boys in the market. i am undesirable, i am fierce, i am cool, i would like a pint of shandy and me mam desires me domestic through nine." (Monstrous Regiment)
  • Class: "'Old cash' intended that it were made goodbye in the past that the black deeds that had initially stuffed the coffers have been now traditionally inappropriate. humorous, that; a brigand for a father used to be whatever you stored quiet approximately, yet a slave-taking pirate for a great-great-great-grandfather was once anything to boast of over the port. Time grew to become the evil bastards into rogues, and rogue was once a note with a twinkle in its eye and not anything to be ashamed of." (Making Money)

. . . and extra! Culled from the entire Discworld novels, The Wit and knowledge of Discworld confirms Pratchett's position within the pantheon of serious satirists and proves why the Chicago Tribune has praised his Discworld as "entertaining and gloriously humorous . . . an accomplishment not anything in need of magical."

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