The Wild Geese

The Wild Geese

Written in 1913, this contemporary vintage was once the resource for the hugely acclaimed movie, The Mistress

In The Wild Geese, renowned eastern novelist Ogai Mori bargains a poignant tale of unfulfilled love, set opposed to the historical past of the dizzying social switch accompanying the autumn of the Meiji regime. The younger heroine, Otama, is compelled through poverty to develop into a moneylender's mistress. She is surrounded by means of skillfully-drawn characters—her weak-willed father, her virile and calculating lover (and his suspicious wife), and the good-looking pupil who's either the thing of her wish and the emblem of her rescue—as good as a colourful procession of Meiji period figures—geisha, scholars, entertainers, unscrupulous matchmakers, shopkeepers, and grasping landladies.

Like these round her, and prefer the wild ducks of the titles, Otama yearns for the liberty of flight. Her dawning awareness of her difficulty brings the radical to a touching climax.

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