The Web: An Alex Delaware Novel

The Web: An Alex Delaware Novel

Jonathan Kellerman

Psychologist-detective Dr. Alex Delaware reveals terror within the center of paradise during this relentlessly sinister novel through America's optimum author of mental suspense. 3 months in paradise, all expenditures paid. it really is a call for participation Alex Delaware cannot refuse. Dr. Woodrow Wilson Moreland, a respected scientist and philanthropist at the tiny Pacific island of Aruk, has invited Alex to his domestic to assist him set up his papers for publication--a mild workload leaving Alex lots of time to take pleasure in a romantic interlude with Robin Castagna.

Quickly, even though, secretive houseguests, scary nocturnal viewers, and the elusive Dr. Moreland himself dim the pleasures of deep blue water and white sand.

The situations Moreland chooses to share--a sufferer pushed to insanity via a merciless, unspeakable act; a guy who succumbed 40 years in the past to radiation poisoning after a nuclear blast; a tender lady, brutally murdered, whose mutilated physique used to be came upon at the seashore simply six months before--seem unconnected. And but Alex can not help considering what the great medical professional is attempting to inform him... and what Moreland's genuine explanation for inviting him to Aruk is.

As Alex probes--with a bit long-distance aid from his buddy LAPD detective Milo Sturgis--he involves think the reply lies hidden someplace on Moreland's massive property. but while he ultimately discovers the reality, the revelation may be extra surprising than he may have imagined. and it'll come too overdue to stem the tide of violence that threatens responsible and blameless alike at the gorgeous misplaced island of Aruk.

With his excellent characterizations and rapid-fire velocity, Jonathan Kellerman has redefined the bounds of suspense, probing real-life horrors and innermost fears in a singular that transfixes from first web page to final.

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