The Ways of Paradox and Other Essays, Revised Edition

The Ways of Paradox and Other Essays, Revised Edition

Willard Van Orman Quine

This multiplied version of The methods of Paradox comprises papers which are between Professor Quine's most vital and influential, resembling "Truth via Convention," "Carnap and Logical Truth," "On Carnap's perspectives on Ontology," "The Scope and Language of Science," and "Posits and Reality." a lot of those essays take care of unresolved problems with primary curiosity to philosophers this present day. approximately 1/2 them are addressed to "a wider public than philosophers." the rest are a little extra specialist and technical. This re-creation of The methods of Paradox comprises 8 essays that seemed after ebook of the 1st variation, and it keeps the seminal essays that has to be learn by way of somebody who seeks to grasp Quine's philosophy.

Quine has been characterised, in The ny evaluate of Books, as "the so much exceptional American recruit to logical empiricism, most likely the modern American thinker so much famous within the occupation, and an unique philosophical philosopher of the 1st rank." His "philosophical thoughts upload as much as a coherent conception of information which he has for the main half built single-handed." In The methods of Paradox new generations of readers will achieve entry to this philosophy.

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