The Warbler Guide

The Warbler Guide

Tom Stephenson, Scott Whittle

Warblers are one of the so much not easy birds to spot. They convey an array of seasonal plumages and feature detailed but oft-confused calls and songs. The Warbler Guide helps you to speedy determine any of the fifty six species of warblers within the usa and Canada. This groundbreaking advisor gains greater than 1,000 beautiful colour photographs, vast species debts with a number of viewing angles, and a wholly new procedure of vocalization research that is helping you distinguish songs and calls.

The Warbler Guide revolutionizes birdwatching, making warbler identity more straightforward than ever prior to. for additional information, please see the writer video clips at the Princeton collage Press website.

  • Covers all fifty six species of warblers within the usa and Canada
  • Visual fast finders assist you determine warblers from any angle
  • Song and speak to finders make identity effortless utilizing a couple of basic questions
  • Uses sonograms to coach a brand new procedure of music id that makes it more straightforward to appreciate and listen to transformations among comparable species
  • Detailed species bills exhibit a number of perspectives with diagnostic issues, direct comparisons of plumage and vocalizations with comparable species, and whole getting older and sexing descriptions
  • New aids to id comprise tune mnemonics and icons for undertail trend, colour impact, habitat, and behavior
  • Includes box routines, flight pictures, basic id thoughts, and quizzes
  • A entire, page-by-page audio significant other to the entire 1,000-plus songs and calls lined through the e-book is accessible for buy and obtain from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library through the use of the hyperlink at

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