The Vondish Ambassador

The Vondish Ambassador

Lawrence Watt-Evans

as soon as, now not see you later ago,a warlock named Vond equipped an empire within the southern a part of the Small Kingdoms. Vond is long past, yet his empire survives less than the guideline of a seven-person Imperial Council and a tender regent named Sterren.

The Empire of Vond used to be not often simple after Vond's departure. Its pals are understandably cautious of extra growth, there are questions on how Vond's magic turned so effective, and so forth. lots of the international, although, does not care -- Vond is off there within the southeastern nook of the realm, distant from at any place very important.

yet sooner or later a dockworker named Emmis watches a Vondish send arrive in Ethshar of the Spices and unearths himself employed as local advisor and aide to somebody who claims to be Vond's ambassador plenipotentiary to the overlords of the Hegemony of the 3 Ethshars.

yet who's the Vondish ambassador, relatively, and what's his precise enterprise in Ethshar? And who has him to the city?

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