The Vinyl Countdown: The Album from LP to iPod and Back Again

The Vinyl Countdown: The Album from LP to iPod and Back Again

Travis Elborough

VINYL will be ultimate NAIL IN CD’S COFFIN ran the headline in a Wired journal article in October 2007.

Ever because the arrival of the long—playing list in 1948, the album has acted because the soundtrack to our lives. checklist collections—even on a CD or iPod-are own treasures, revealing our loves, mistakes in judgment, and lapses in taste.

In The Vinyl Countdown, Travis Elborough explores the best way specific albums are deeply embedded in cultural heritage or so ubiquitous as to be virtually invisible. whereas tune itself has skilled numerous varied routine during the last sixty years, the album has remained a continuing. however the manner we take heed to tune has replaced within the final ten years. within the age of the iPod, after we can obtain an enormous variety of unmarried tracks straight away, does the idea that of the album suggest anything?

Elborough strikes chronologically via suitable classes, letting the tale of the LP, convinced genres, formative years cults, and issues like sleeve designs, retailers, medicinal drugs, and schooling unfurl as he is going alongside. The Vinyl Countdown is a superb piece of renowned historical past, an idiosyncratic tribute to a much-loved a part of our shared cognizance, and a party of the enjoyment of records.

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