The Unpredictable Species: What Makes Humans Unique

The Unpredictable Species: What Makes Humans Unique

Philip Lieberman

The Unpredictable Species argues that the human mind advanced in a fashion that boosts our cognitive flexibility and ability for innovation and imitation. In doing so, the e-book demanding situations the relevant declare of evolutionary psychology that we're locked into predictable styles of habit that have been fastened through genes, and refutes the declare that language is innate. Philip Lieberman builds his case with facts from neuroscience, genetics, and actual anthropology, exhibiting how our basal ganglia--structures deep in the mind whose origins predate the dinosaurs--came to play a key function in human creativity. He demonstrates how the move of data in those constructions was once better through genetic mutation and evolution, giving upward thrust to supercharged neural circuits linking job in several elements of the mind. Human invention, expressed in numerous epochs and locales within the type of stone instruments, electronic desktops, new artwork types, advanced civilizations--even the newest fashions--stems from those supercharged circuits.

The Unpredictable Species boldly upends scientifically arguable but well known ideals approximately how our brains really paintings. alongside the best way, this compelling publication offers insights right into a host of subject matters relating to human cognition, together with associative studying, epigenetics, the talents required to be a samurai, and the explanations of cognitive confusion on Mount Everest and of Parkinson's disease.

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