The Torah: The Five Books of Moses

The Torah: The Five Books of Moses

The Jewish Publication Society

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The vintage from the center East to a few convinced ends of the Earth, anywhere that could be.
The center of the Jewish Bible ( popularly often called a part of the "Old Testament" ), the 5 books of Moses.

Book 1: Genesis (Bereshith)
Book 2: Exodus (Shemoth)
Book three: Leviticus (Vayikra)
Book four: Numbers (Bemidbar)
Book five: Deuteronomy (Va'ethchanan)

OCR text.
The 3rd variation of the JPS translation in 1992.
Digital reproduction is similar, simply, now digital.
Translation of the Holy Scriptures in line with the Masoretic textual content, first section.
Table of Scriptural readings according to the weekly Parashat in Judaism;
example: "BERESHIT 1.1–6.8, NOAH· 6.9–11.32, LEKH LEKHA 12.1–17.27, VA-YERA’ 18.1–22.24, etc".

A pattern of this JPS translation:

"When God started to create heaven and earth"

(a footnote reads: "a) Others “In the start God created.”)
It places a rather exact standpoint at the chances of translating this advanced paintings.

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