The Tasters Guild (The Poisons of Caux, Book 2)

The Tasters Guild (The Poisons of Caux, Book 2)

Susannah Appelbaum

A macabre and humorous delusion trilogy.

After the perilous experience of The hole Bettle (Book I), the darkish reign of the Nightshades is over eventually, and a brand new day has arrived in Caux, a land lengthy governed by way of poison and deceit. the traditional Prophecy-the coming of a Noble baby to healing the only, precise King-has eventually begun.

But worry nonetheless grips the folk of Caux, for they dwell within the shadow of the strong, toxic Tasters' Guild. Sequestered excessive inside its corrupt partitions sits Vidal Verjouce, the Guild's diabolical Director, his darkish magic stronger than ever. Eleven-year-old Ivy, famed healer and Noble baby, and her pal and taster Rowan needs to enterprise contained in the Guild itself in the event that they are to discover the door to their sister international, Pimcaux-and satisfy the Prophecy. yet a dangerous weed-once suggestion extinct-threatens their trip: scourge bracken, a plant devoted to domination and destruction, additionally identified, ominously, as Kingmaker. Who else has detected it? and may Ivy's awesome gift-her dominion over vegetation and nature-be adequate to thwart it?

Susannah Appelbaum's mind's eye soars with poison inks, flower codes, catacombs, mystery crypts, and sinister twists during this heart quantity of the macabre and magical Poisons of Caux myth trilogy.

From university Library Journal
Gr 4-7–This moment e-book within the trilogy maintains 11-year-old Ivy's quest to satisfy her position because the prophesied “Noble Child” destined to medication her country's rightful king from a wierd disorder. within the hole Bettle (Knopf, 2009), Ivy defeated the evil monarch who usurped keep watch over of Caux from sturdy King Verdigris and had a penchant for poisoning the sad inhabitants. people with funds employed foodstuff tasters informed via the secretive Tasters Guild to maintain from turning into a sufferer. Ivy and her pal Rowan, a clumsy Guild-trained taster, have been compelled to run away after he did not observe poison in his employer's foodstuff. Now they have to retailer King Verdigris. a lot of Verjouce's henchmen pursue them yet Ivy's such a lot chronic enemy is Sorrel Flux, her former taster, who retains attempting to kill her. while Ivy's uncovered to a dangerous weed that could shipping its sufferers to a dismal realm, she's uncertain she will be able to defeat it. This artistic tale is filled with unusual and mysterious characters with odd names and viscerally descriptive destinations. young children are absolute to love it.Sharon Rawlins, New Jersey country Library, Trenton

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