The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, book 3)

The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, book 3)

Eloisa James

Imogen, woman Maitland, has determined to bop at the wild facet. finally, she's within the scrumptious place of having the ability to take a lover. A discreet male who is aware simply while to go away within the morning.

But woman Maitland remains to be less than the watchful eye of her former parent, the wildly untamed Rafe, the Duke of Holbrook. He believes she continues to be short of a "watchdog." She laughs on the concept that an individual so insufferably lazy and dedicated to drink can call for that she behave with propriety.

It's Rafe's long-lost brother, a guy who seems to be accurately just like the duke yet without any of his degenerate side, who pursuits Imogen. To Imogen, he is the shadow duke . . . the guy who relatively should still carry the identify. but if Imogen has the same opinion to accompany Gabe to a masquerade...whose masked eyes watch her with that severe glance of wish? Who precisely is she dancing with? The duke or the shadow duke? Rafe . . . or Gabe?

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