The Sweetness of Life

The Sweetness of Life

Françoise Héritier’s overseas bestseller The Sweetness of Life is a party of the small, candy moments that make lifestyles worthy living—and the significance of taking the time to get pleasure from them.

Busy juggling such a lot of obligations in our overextended lives, we frequently leave out the dear studies which are natural pleasure and the particular event of humanity: wild laughter, telephone calls with household, espresso within the sunlight, crisp fall evenings, working in hot rain, lengthy conversations at twilight, cooking and savoring an exceptional meal, looking at a craftsman at paintings, getting including acquaintances we’ve missed.

In this captivating book—part letter, half prose poem, half captivating and witty self-help advisor— anthropologist Françoise Héritier lists with heartwarming and heartbreaking specificity all that we so simply omit if we don't attend to the lightness and charm in our personal lives.

Filled with profound perception and down-to-earth knowledge, The Sweetness of Life is the proper reward to to proportion with all people you love.

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