The Sweet Forever: A Novel

The Sweet Forever: A Novel

A daring, very good story of poser, revenge, and survival within the Eighties, whilst cocaine and funds governed town streets or even the great men sought after a section of the motion.

it really is March insanity and the varsity boys are enjoying basketball on television. yet at the streets of D.C., the homeboys are dealing, dissing, death. From in the back of plate glass, with an 80s backbeat pounding in his mind, Marcus Clay watches all of it occur, and prays that he could make a opt for his downtown list shop. Then a motor vehicle comes careening down U highway, and what Marcus sees subsequent will plunge him into the center of a war.

A drug runner is decapitated within the crash. A bystander--a white boy wanting to purchase a woman's love--snatches a bag of money from the spoil, and a prince of crime desires it again. For Marcus's blood brother, Dimitri Karras, the mayhem is an opportunity to make a rating. For a couple of soiled police officers it is a likelihood to get loose. And for dozens of lives swept up into the maelstrom, it is simply one other springtime in America's capital, the place the sport is performed for retains.

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