The Squire's Quest (The Squire's Tales)

The Squire's Quest (The Squire's Tales)

Gerald Morris

Why is it, Terence puzzled, that the belongings you understand such a lot definitely are constantly the belongings you can’t exhibit to anyone else?

And why is it, in spite of everything of those years, that Terence remains to be only a squire, providing recommendation on how top to wash the rust spots from armor? yet Squire Terence has extra to fret approximately than his position at the social scale. For the entire peace and prosperity that has made England well-known throughout Europe, Terence is uneasy. After approximately six months with no touch with the realm of the Faeries – no longer even from his outdated buddy, the mischievous sprite Robin – Terence is bound whatever is rotten in King Arthur's court.

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