The Shadow-Line: A Confession

The Shadow-Line: A Confession

Joseph Conrad

The masterpiece of Joseph Conrad's later years, the autobiographical brief novel The Shadow-Line depicts a tender guy at a crossroads in his existence, dealing with a determined trouble that marks the "shadow-line" among early life and maturity.

This short yet excessive tale is a dramatically fictionalized account of Conrad's first command as a tender sea captain trapped aboard a becalmed, fever-wracked, and likely haunted send. with out wind in sight and his team disabled via malaria, the narrator discovers that the drugs essential to keep the in poor health males is lacking and its absence has been intentionally hid. in the meantime, his more and more fearful first mate is confident that the malignant ghost of the former captain has cursed them. Suspenseful, atmospheric, and deceptively uncomplicated, Conrad's story of the ocean displays the advanced issues of his most renowned novels, Lord Jim and center of Darkness.

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